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     And there are so many additional orgs worthy of your support.  Have at 'em.

freedomservicedogs smWhat THEY do:  Freedom Service Dogs is a nonprofit organization that not only saves animals by rescuing them, but also trains them to help people with disabilities. They teach dogs how to respond to individual client needs, and help create a life long friendship.

What YOU can do: In addition to donating, there are also many volunteer opportunities to help with dogs. If you find yourself getting attached to one of the dogs, you can also adopt one!

For more info check them out at:

Read more: Freedom Service Dogs of America

eat so they canWhat THEY do: Eat So They Can is an initiative of Global Volunteer Network, and Global Volunteer Network Foundation -- a non profit with a simple plan: by hosting a dinner party, you can help end poverty and hunger around the world. Funds raised go to projects in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. 

What YOU can do: Sign up and then host a dinner party -- it's that simple! The proceeds you collect from your awesome gathering will help feed hungry children and women around the world. Donations and volunteers are also always welcomed and needed.

For more info check them out at:

cwav2What THEY do: They are dedicated to raising awareness and preventing crimes against children, child abuse, and neglect in the United States through prevention, advocacy, and education.

What YOU can do: Their committees and volunteer opportunities range from fundraising to media and graphic arts. Your volunteer efforts can help aid and protect victims of abuse.

For more info check them out at:

feelgood smWhat THEY do: A student, social entrepreneurial program that "gives away" grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for a voluntary donation. Profits go towards ending hunger by building support for the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Now operating on 21 campuses nationwide

What YOU can do: FeelGood has mobilized thousands of students each year to be change-makers, and you could be one of them! Volunteer and aid in their cause.

For more info check them out at:

storetodoor smWhat THEY do: Store to Door shops for and delivers groceries to approximately 500 housebound senior citizens in Minnesota each week, serving over 1,000 people who are unable to shop for themselves. The organization delivers every two weeks across the seven-county metro area of MN.

What YOU can do: Supported by the efforts of over 400 volunteers --donate, or consider volunteering to deliver groceries to help home bound seniors.

For more info check them out at:

hikeitup smWhat THEY do: An organization that encourages people and families to come together to better and beautify their neighborhoods in Southern California. Hike It Up brings communities and families together by producing progressive events and fundraisers that involve activities and improvement projects that empower youth, family and school-based programs.

What YOU can do: Join the hikes! Help with the fundraising. Volunteer at the drives and special events. The more the merrier!

For more info check them out at:

rsz critter connection smWhat THEY do: Non-profit group dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected guinea pigs.

What YOU can do: Volunteer! Help with fundraising, donate artwork and photography to be included on merchandise (full credit is given as well as a link posted to artist’s site); hand out flyers to raise awareness, adopt or foster a guinea pig of your very own, or just simply donate.

For more info check them out at:

bellaWhat THEY can do: Provide a haven for needy elephants in a setting of natural, very green and safe environments. They are the nation’s largest refuge for endangered African and Asian elephants.

What YOU can do: Make a donation, become a VIP Patron, support an elephant by adopting or feeding; purchase an item from the Wish List to donate, volunteer, or purchase from online gift shop! There are so many options

For more info check them out at:

hands africa 2What THEY do: Hands for Africa is a nonprofit organization focused on rebuilding and helping communities affected by blood diamond wars. They have implemented a Prosthetics and Rehabilitation program to provide prosthetic limps to adults and children who have been maimed, and also support a variety of programs that help people become self-reliant with a "hand up," and not just a hand out.

What YOU can do: Donate, volunteer or become a sponsor! Every dollar you give can help make a difference in the lives of the innocent victims of war in Sierra Leone.

For more info check them out at:

not 4 saleWhat THEY do: They fight to end modern day slavery, human trafficking and ensure no one is for sale. They help those in need by "creating enterprise opportunities for vulnerable communities, offering social services to survivors and those at-risk to human trafficking, and evaluating the use of forced labor in mainstream supply chains.”

What YOU can do: Volunteer and donate! Volunteer opportunities range from media and design to helping with accounting. You can also help by simply buying their herbal tonic beverage, REBBL, which was created to help create economic development in the Peruvian Amazon.

For more info check them out at:

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